The Phil Report (March 2019)

Phil Bowman and his bannerette

G’day. Been a busy month. Unbelievable only another 4 months and then it’s over to DG Kevin. and isn’t this year going so fast. ZOOM meeting is a great asset if you only talk for 45 minutes then it’s a Freebee.

New Boy on the Block

Phil Bowman and his bannerette

Wow, time is moving so fast and I can’t believe in just a couple of days Jeanette and I will be on our way to Las Vegas for the last of my DG Training.

From DG Meg Butler

Meg Butler at Convention

Greetings everyone – this is my last bulletin article as my year as District Governor draws to a close and very shortly we welcome a new District Governor to lead the District for 2018/2019.