When a disaster occurs, Lions are there to support the community and it’s members. Support is provided through funding assistance, various projects and programs depending on the situation. Disasters may include drought, bushfires, flooding, and earthquakes, just to name a few.

The Disaster Relief Coordinator is the contact between Lions District C1 and the Emergency Relief Functions Support Group within Housing SA. The coordinator will provide a Lions Club (or Clubs) as volunteers during relief and recovery operations as requested by the Government as part of a ‘declared emergency’ by the Police Commissioner. When tasked by the Government, the role of Lions is to cater for affected people and relief centre staff for as long as required.

As a member of this group, regular meetings are help with other community organisations such as Rotary, Red Cross, Salvation Army, CWA and Pastoral Support, just to name a few. At these meetings, how an event was handled, and how things can be improved, is the hot topic of discussion.

We do not know when a disaster will occur, the form it will take, the areas it will affect, the relief effort required during, or the recovery effort post the disaster event. Lions will be there on the ground, when and where needed. Lions do more than cook for people in an emergency, Lions will lend an ear and listen to people who have been through trauma, apply for grants, provide and distribute donations, and anything else that is required at the time.

Sandy Royal
District 201C1
Disaster Relief Coordinator