Club Initiatives & Projects

The Lions in our district do extraordinary work in the community. Here is just a small selection of some of the amazing projects undertaken.


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ClubActivity / Project
Adelaide HellenicSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Adelaide HellenicSell Lions Mints
Adelaide HellenicMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Adelaide HellenicGlendi Festival
Adelaide ItalianBBQs - Fundraising
Adelaide ItalianSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Adelaide ItalianSell Lions Mints
Adelaide ItalianRecycling - Plastic Bottle Tops
Adelaide ItalianMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Adelaide ItalianDigital Images for the Aged Project
Adelaide ItalianDrug Education
Adelaide ItalianOperation Smile
Adelaide ItalianFred's Van
Adelaide ItalianFeed the Homeless
Adelaide ItalianAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Adelaide ItalianLions Eye Health Program
Adelaide ItalianBlanket Drive
Adelaide ItalianAnnual Feast Event
Adelaide ItalianAnnual Dinner Dance Fundraiser
Adelaide ItalianFilm Afternoons
Adelaide ItalianAmateur Wine Makers Presentation
Adelaide WestFred's Van
Adelaide WestCasino Night (Fundraiser)
Angaston & DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Angaston & DistrictSell Donuts
Angaston & DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Angaston & DistrictSell Lions Mints
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Hearing Aids
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
Angaston & DistrictRecycling - Bread Tags
Angaston & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Angaston & DistrictDriver Reviver Program
Angaston & DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Angaston & DistrictAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Angaston & DistrictAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Angaston & DistrictScholarship - Tertiary
Angaston & DistrictBook Sales
Angaston & DistrictProvide Meals for Blaze Aid Volunteers
Angle ValeBBQs - Fundraising
Angle ValeBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Angle ValeRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Angle ValeRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Angle ValeRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
Angle ValeMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Angle ValePeace Poster Competition
Angle ValeShow & Shine
Angle ValeMarkets
Angle ValeAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Angle ValeLions Eye Health Program
Angle ValeCommunity Family Fun Day
Angle ValeAustralian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation
Angle ValeContainer of Aid to Zimbabwe
AthelstoneBBQs - Fundraising
AthelstoneRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
AthelstoneRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
AthelstoneMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
AthelstonePeace Poster Competition
AthelstoneAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
AthelstoneAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
AthelstoneMock Wedding Fundraiser
AthelstoneSponsor students to attend YMCA Camps
AthelstoneShed Sales
AthelstoneLions Youth of the Year Program
Balaklava & DistrictBBQs - Fundraising
Balaklava & DistrictSell Donuts
Balaklava & DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Balaklava & DistrictRecycling - Hearing Aids
Balaklava & DistrictRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
Balaklava & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Balaklava & DistrictRoad Safety
Balaklava & DistrictDigital Images for the Aged Project
Balaklava & DistrictDrug Education
Balaklava & DistrictLions Youth of the Year Program
Balaklava & DistrictLions Quest Program
Balaklava & DistrictEnvironment - Planting Trees
Balaklava & DistrictMarkets
Balaklava & DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Balaklava & DistrictAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Balaklava & DistrictAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Balaklava & DistrictLions Eye Health Program
Balaklava & DistrictCommunity Family Fun Day
Balaklava & DistrictClean up walking trails and roadsides for KESB
Balaklava & DistrictRestoration of train turn table
Balaklava & DistrictMowing around hospital and nursing homes
Barossa ValleyBBQs - Fundraising
Barossa ValleyBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Barossa ValleyBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Barossa ValleyRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Barossa ValleyMen's/Tinker Shed
Barossa ValleyDriver Reviver Program
Barossa ValleySell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Barossa ValleyLions Youth of the Year Program
Barossa ValleySkin Cancer Screening Project
Barossa ValleyKnitting Items for Donation
Barossa ValleyAustralia Day Events
Barossa ValleyLocal Football Gates
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsBBQs - Fundraising
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsSell Hot Chips
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsSell Donuts
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsOperate Secondhand Book Shop
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsSkin Cancer Screening Project
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsLions Biggest BBQ
Booleroo Centre & DistrictsArchie's Concert Music & Meal in aid of local organisations
BurnsideBBQs - Fundraising
BurnsideBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
BurnsideBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
BurnsideRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
BurnsideRecycling - Hearing Aids
BurnsideRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
BurnsideRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
BurnsideRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
BurnsideMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
BurnsideDigital Images for the Aged Project
BurnsideLions Youth of the Year Program
BurnsideOperate Secondhand/Op Shop
BurnsideOperate Secondhand Book Shop
BurnsideFeed the Homeless
BurnsideAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
BurnsideAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
BurnsideLions Eye Health Program
BurnsideChristmas Carols (Fundraising)
BurnsideChristmas - Collect gifts to donate to charities
BurnsideSell Lions Mints
Bute & DistrictsBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Bute & DistrictsMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Bute & DistrictsCut Fire Wood (fundraising)
Bute & DistrictsProgressive Tea (membership fee subsidise)
Bute & DistrictsRoyal Flying Doctors Runway & Helipad Lights (install & maintain)
Bute & DistrictsSea Rescue
Bute & DistrictsPostie Bike Run
Bute & DistrictsCar Rally Sponsorship - Variety Bash
Charles Student Woodville HindmarshBBQs - Fundraising
Charles Student Woodville HindmarshCar Park Duties
Charles Student Woodville HindmarshSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
City of AdelaideBBQs - Fundraising
City of AdelaideBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
City of AdelaideBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
City of AdelaideRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
City of AdelaideRecycling - Hearing Aids
City of AdelaideRecycling - Bread Tags
City of AdelaideRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
City of AdelaideMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
City of AdelaidePeace Poster Competition
City of AdelaideWalk/Exercise for Diabetes Activities
City of AdelaideSell Lions Mints
City of AdelaideSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
City of AdelaideLions Youth of the Year Program
City of AdelaideFred's Van
City of AdelaideFeed the Homeless
City of AdelaideLions Quest Program
City of AdelaideScholarship: Sponsor a student with Techspace Learning
City of AdelaideScholarship: SAHMRI Student
City of AdelaideAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
City of AdelaideAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
City of AdelaideLions Eye Health Program
City of AdelaideBlanket Drive
City of AdelaideCubs Club Program
City of AdelaideHear Me Roar! Project
City of AdelaideLions Children of Courage Awards
City of AdelaideLions & SAPOL Citizen of the Year Award
City of AdelaideDiabetes Awareness
Clare DistrictBBQs - Fundraising
Clare DistrictBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Clare DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Clare DistrictSell Donuts
Clare DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Clare DistrictRecycling - Hearing Aids
Clare DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Clare DistrictDriver Reviver Program
Clare DistrictWalk/Exercise for Diabetes Activities
Clare DistrictLions Youth of the Year Program
Clare DistrictFeed the Homeless
Clare DistrictWetlands
Clare DistrictEnvironment - Planting Trees
Clare DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Clare DistrictChristmas Pageant
Clare DistrictFood for Thought - food distribution for disadvantaged
Clare DistrictCatering for Formal Dinners (not BBQs)
Clare DistrictRun the Bars during Clare Show
Clare DistrictDelivery bakery and fruit to breakfast clubs at primary schools
Clare DistrictRecycling - Raising Community Awareness
Clare DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Clare DistrictRecycling - Bicycles
Clare DistrictOperate Secondhand Furniture Shop
Clare DistrictMarshalling for Road Events
Clare DistrictLions Biggest BBQ
Clare DistrictTraffic Management/Marshalling
Clare DistrictACARA Camp
Cleve DistrictSell Donuts
Cleve DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Cleve DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Cleve DistrictEnvironment - Planting Trees
Cleve DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Cleve DistrictSell Lions Mints
Cleve DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Cleve DistrictAnzac Day Breakfast
Cleve DistrictAustralia Day Events
Coober PedyBBQs - Fundraising
Coober PedyRaffles
Coober PedySolar Challenge - BBQ Tea (fundraiser)
CowellBBQs - Fundraising
CowellSell Donuts
CowellSell Steak
CowellRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
CowellRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
CowellMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
CowellMen's/Tinker Shed
CowellOperation Smile
CowellSell Lions Mints
CowellSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
CowellAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
CowellSkin Cancer Screening Project
CowellLions Youth of the Year Program
CowellScholarship - Jim West Award: for a student at Cowell Area School
CowellSupport School Children for trip to Canberra
CowellCut Fire Wood (fundraising)
CowellMaintenance - Lions Park
CowellRV Park - build gazebo and plant
Cummins & DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Cummins & DistrictSell Hot Chips
Cummins & DistrictSell Donuts
Cummins & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Cummins & DistrictMen's/Tinker Shed
Cummins & DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Cummins & DistrictSell Lions Mints
Elizabeth PlayfordBBQs - Fundraising
Elizabeth PlayfordRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Elizabeth PlayfordRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Elizabeth PlayfordPeace Poster Competition
Elizabeth PlayfordDrug Education
Elizabeth PlayfordSell Lions Mints
Elizabeth PlayfordSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Elizabeth PlayfordLions Youth of the Year Program
Elizabeth PlayfordFred's Van
Elizabeth PlayfordAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Elizabeth PlayfordAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Elizabeth PlayfordSupport Young Carers
Elizabeth PlayfordSupport SANFL Junior Schools Football
Elizabeth PlayfordCare Packs
Elizabeth PlayfordDonate Guitars and Books to Playford College
Elizabeth PlayfordAustralia Day Events
Elizabeth PlayfordChristmas Carols (Fundraising)
Elizabeth PlayfordBuddy Benches
Elizabeth PlayfordSponsor Dux Awards
Elizabeth PlayfordScholarship - Book Scholarship for student at Playford International College going into 1st year Uni
GawlerBBQs - Fundraising
GawlerBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
GawlerRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
GawlerMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
GawlerDrug Education
GawlerLions Youth of the Year Program
GawlerEnvironment - Planting Trees
GawlerSkin Cancer Screening Project
GawlerAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
GawlerBiggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council)
GawlerMaintenance - Lions Park
Gilbert ValleyBBQs - Fundraising
Gilbert ValleySell Donuts
Gilbert ValleyRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Gilbert ValleyRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Gilbert ValleyRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
Gilbert ValleyDigital Images for the Aged Project
Gilbert ValleySell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Gilbert ValleySell Lions Mints
Gilbert ValleyLions Youth of the Year Program
Gilbert ValleyMarkets
Gilles PlainsBBQs - Fundraising
Gilles PlainsBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Gilles PlainsRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Gilles PlainsRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Gilles PlainsMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Gilles PlainsDigital Images for the Aged Project
Gilles PlainsDrug Education
Gilles PlainsLions Youth of the Year Program
Gilles PlainsLions Quest Program
Gilles PlainsSkin Cancer Screening Project
Gilles PlainsAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Gilles PlainsKnitting Items for Donation
Gilles PlainsCommunity Family Fun Day
Gilles PlainsSows for Sanananda in PNG
Gilles PlainsCare Packs for Homeless Men
Gilles PlainsClean Up Australia Events
Gilles PlainsRecycling - Cans and Bottles
GlensideRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
GlensideRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
GlensideMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
GlensideDigital Images for the Aged Project
GlensidePeace Poster Competition
GlensideOperate Secondhand Book Shop
GlensideArt Show
GlensideFeed the Homeless
GlensideScholarship: Glenunga International High School
GlensideSkin Cancer Screening Project
GlensideAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
GlensideAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
GlensideLions Eye Health Program
Golden GroveBBQs - Fundraising
Golden GroveBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Golden GroveBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Golden GroveRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Golden GroveMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Golden GrovePeace Poster Competition
Golden GroveSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Golden GroveSell Lions Mints
Golden GroveLions Youth of the Year Program
Golden GroveFred's Van
Golden GroveSkin Cancer Screening Project
Golden GroveAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Golden GroveAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Golden GroveRecycling - Cans and Bottles
Golden GroveClean Up Australia Events
JamestownBBQs - Fundraising
JamestownBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
JamestownBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
JamestownSell Hot Chips
JamestownSell Donuts
JamestownRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
JamestownSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
JamestownSell Lions Mints
JamestownLions Eye Health Program
JamestownAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
JamestownSkin Cancer Screening Project
JamestownMaintenance - Local Playground
JamestownLions Youth of the Year Program
JamestownSponsor students - project abroad
JamestownDiggers walk town project
JamestownCut Fire Wood (fundraising)
KadinaBBQs - Fundraising
KadinaBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
KadinaBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
KadinaMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
KadinaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
KadinaSell Lions Mints
KadinaFeed the Homeless
KadinaMaintenance - Local Playground
KadinaSkin Cancer Screening Project
KadinaSupport local primary school
KadinaMental Health - Blue Tree Initiative
KadinaSupport Nepalese Orphanage
KadinaSupport Armenian Orphanage
KimbaBBQs - Fundraising
KimbaSell Hot Chips
KimbaSell Donuts
KimbaSell Lions Mints
KimbaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
KimbaNew Years Rural Show (Fundraising)
KimbaClean Up Roadside
KimbaPile Pudla (Picnic Ground) Cleaning & Maintenance
KimbaMaintenance - Lions Park
KimbaAuction (Fundraising)
LockSell Donuts
LockMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
LockMaintenance - Local Caravan Park
LockMaintain Local Cemetery
Maitland & DistrictBBQs - Fundraising
Maitland & DistrictBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Maitland & DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Maitland & DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Maitland & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Maitland & DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Maitland & DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Mallala & DistrictBBQs - Fundraising
Mallala & DistrictBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Mallala & DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Mallala & DistrictSell Hot Chips
Mallala & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Mallala & DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Mallala & DistrictCommunity Family Fun Day
Mallala & DistrictMallala Campground
Mallala & DistrictRecycling - Cans and Bottles
Mallala & DistrictRecycling - Batteries
ModburyBBQs - Fundraising
ModburyBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
ModburyBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
ModburyRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
ModburyRecycling - Plastic Bottle Tops
ModburyMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
ModburyDigital Images for the Aged Project
ModburyOperation Smile
ModburyAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
ModburyAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
ModburyLions Eye Health Program
ModburyAid to the Elderly and Infirmed
ModburyBlood Donation
ModburyRecycling - Cans and Bottles
ModburyCommunity Welfare Agency, Lutheran Community Care
ModburyCystic Fibrosis SA
ModburyEnglish for Refugees/Second Language
ModburyNECAP - Northern Eastern Community Assistance Project
ModburySchoolbooks & South Pacific Aid
MoontaBBQs - Fundraising
MoontaBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
MoontaRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
MoontaRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
MoontaMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
MoontaSell Lions Mints
MoontaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
MoontaAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
MoontaAustralian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation
MoontaMaintain Fountain in the Square
MoontaSell Pot Plants
MoontaChristmas Pageant (Marshalling)
MoontaSupply Shelter for hire (free)
MoontaHelp Individuals with small maintenance jobs
MoontaSponsor School Students end of year trip
MoontaPublish 'Business Directory' - fundraiser
MoontaChristmas - Pine Trees (Fundraising)
NorwoodBBQs - Fundraising
NorwoodBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
NorwoodRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
NorwoodRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
NorwoodRecycling - Plastic Bottle Tops
NorwoodRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
NorwoodRecycling - Bread Tags
NorwoodMonetary Donations for Charities & Organisations
NorwoodAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
NorwoodAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
NorwoodSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
NorwoodFeed the Homeless
NorwoodBackpacks for Kids SA
NorwoodSell Entertainment Book
NorwoodSell Community Lottery
NorwoodQuiz Night
NorwoodSupport Operation Flinders
OnkaparingaBBQs - Fundraising
OnkaparingaBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
OnkaparingaRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
OnkaparingaRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
OnkaparingaRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
OnkaparingaMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
OnkaparingaDigital Images for the Aged Project
OnkaparingaOperate Secondhand/Op Shop
OnkaparingaScholarship - Musical/Instrumental (annual)
OnkaparingaScholarship - Educational Scholarships at local high school
OnkaparingaClean Up Roadside
OnkaparingaCut Fire Wood (fundraising)
OnkaparingaCollection of large unwanted household items for community member homes
OnkaparingaMaintenance - Local Park
OnkaparingaChristmas - Hampers
OnkaparingaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Orroroo & DistrictSell Donuts
Orroroo & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Orroroo & DistrictAustralia Day Events
Orroroo & DistrictAnzac Day Breakfast
Orroroo & DistrictAuction (Fundraising)
Orroroo & DistrictSell Donuts
Orroroo & DistrictMaintenance - Lions Park
ParalowieBBQs - Fundraising
ParalowieRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
ParalowieRecycling - Hearing Aids
ParalowieRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
ParalowiePeace Poster Competition
ParalowieSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
ParalowieSell Lions Mints
ParalowieClean Up Australia Events
ParalowieBeanies for Babies
ParalowieBlankets for Nursing Homes
ParalowieMedic Dolls
ParalowieCitizenship Ceremonies and Events
ParalowieCrochet/Knit Beanies for Lyell McEwin Hospital (Oncology ward)
ParalowieSponsor Burton Primary School Community Garden
ParalowieSponsor Jenny Hill Memorial for Salisbury High School
ParalowieSponsor Lion Fiona Houldsworth Community Award at Burton Primary School
Peterborough & DistrictBBQs - Fundraising
Peterborough & DistrictBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Peterborough & DistrictBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Peterborough & DistrictSell Donuts
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Hearing Aids
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Plastic Bottle Tops
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
Peterborough & DistrictRecycling - Bread Tags
Peterborough & DistrictMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Peterborough & DistrictSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Peterborough & DistrictSell Lions Mints
Peterborough & DistrictEnvironment - Planting Trees
Peterborough & DistrictSkin Cancer Screening Project
Peterborough & DistrictMaintain Local Cemetery
Peterborough & DistrictBiggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council)
Peterborough & DistrictChristmas - Senior and Aged Dinner and Concert
Port AugustaBBQs - Fundraising
Port AugustaBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Port AugustaBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Port AugustaSell Hot Chips
Port AugustaSell Donuts
Port AugustaRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Port AugustaRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Port AugustaRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
Port AugustaMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Port AugustaPeace Poster Competition
Port AugustaWalk/Exercise for Diabetes Activities
Port AugustaOperation Smile
Port AugustaLions Youth of the Year Program
Port AugustaShow & Shine
Port AugustaMarkets
Port AugustaSkin Cancer Screening Project
Port AugustaAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Port AugustaAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Port AugustaLions Eye Health Program
Port AugustaCommunity Family Fun Day
Port AugustaSupport SPELD SA - phonic books in the local library
Port AugustaPichi Richi Marathon
Port AugustaAustralia Day Events
Port LincolnBBQs - Fundraising
Port LincolnBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Port LincolnRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Port LincolnRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
Port LincolnRoad Safety
Port LincolnLions Youth of the Year Program
Port LincolnEnvironment - Planting Trees
Port LincolnMarkets
Port LincolnMaintenance - Local Playground
Port LincolnSkin Cancer Screening Project
Port LincolnYouth Exchange Program
Port LincolnAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Port LincolnAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Port LincolnLions Eye Health Program
Port LincolnCommunity Family Fun Day
Port LincolnLions Hostel Management
Port LincolnLions Park Management
Port PirieBBQs - Fundraising
Port PirieBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Port PirieBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Port PirieSell Hot Chips
Port PirieSell Donuts
Port PirieSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Port PirieRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Port PirieDriver Reviver Program
Port PirieMarkets
Port PirieSkin Cancer Screening Project
Port PirieRaffles
Prospect Blair AtholBBQs - Fundraising
Prospect Blair AtholBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Prospect Blair AtholBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Prospect Blair AtholSell Hot Chips
Prospect Blair AtholRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Prospect Blair AtholRecycling - Hearing Aids
Prospect Blair AtholRecycling - Plastic Bottle Tops
Prospect Blair AtholMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Prospect Blair AtholSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Prospect Blair AtholSponsor Attendees to attend Lions Quest
Prospect Blair AtholEnvironment - Planting Trees
Prospect Blair AtholScholarships - Sir Charles Bright Scholarship for disabled individuals undertaking tertiary education
Prospect Blair AtholAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Prospect Blair AtholAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Prospect Blair AtholMaintain the environment at a local railway station
Prospect Blair AtholMaintain a community library site at clubroom
QuornBBQs - Fundraising
QuornSell Hot Chips
QuornSell Donuts
QuornRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
QuornRecycling - Can Ring Pulls
QuornSkin Cancer Screening Project
RichmondRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
RichmondRecycling - Collecting Secondhand Books
RichmondMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
RichmondSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
RichmondSell Lions Mints
RichmondAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
RichmondSkin Cancer Screening Project
RichmondOperate Secondhand Book Shop
RichmondOperate Secondhand/Op Shop
Rocky RiverSell Donuts
RostrevorBBQs - Fundraising
RostrevorRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
RostrevorRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
RostrevorPeace Poster Competition
RostrevorOperation Smile
RostrevorLions Youth of the Year Program
RostrevorSkin Cancer Screening Project
RostrevorYouth Exchange Program
RostrevorAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
RostrevorAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
RostrevorLions Eye Health Program
RostrevorSupport Royal Flying Doctor Services
RostrevorUnited Nations Youth Council Training
RostrevorLions Medical Research Foundation
SalisburyBBQs - Fundraising
SalisburyBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
SalisburyRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
SalisburyRecycling - Hearing Aids
SalisburyRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
SalisburyMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
SalisburyPeace Poster Competition
SalisburySell Lions Cakes & Puddings
SalisburySell Lions Mints
SalisburyBlanket Drive
SalisburyChristmas Carols (Fundraising)
SalisburyDaffodil Day
SalisburyClean Up Australia Events
SalisburyResume Workshops
SalisburyBusiness Wine & Networking Events
SalisburyCitizenship Ceremonies and Events
Stansbury DalrympleBBQs - Fundraising
Stansbury DalrympleCatering for funerals and special celebrations
Stansbury DalrympleSell Donuts
Stansbury DalrympleRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Stansbury DalrympleMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Stansbury DalrymplePeace Poster Competition
Stansbury DalrympleWalk/Exercise for Diabetes Activities
Stansbury DalrympleSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Stansbury DalrympleSell Lions Mints
Stansbury DalrympleScholarship: Student Awards at local schools
Stansbury DalrympleMarkets
Stansbury DalrympleSkin Cancer Screening Project
Stansbury DalrympleAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Stansbury DalrympleLions Eye Health Program
Stansbury DalrympleRecycling - Cans and Bottles
Tea Tree GullyBBQs - Fundraising
Tea Tree GullyBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Tea Tree GullyBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Tea Tree GullyRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Tea Tree GullyRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
Tea Tree GullyMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Tea Tree GullyArt Show
Tea Tree GullyLions Quest Program
Tea Tree GullyScholarship - Banksia Park Year 7 Awards
Tea Tree GullyLions Eye Health Program
Tea Tree GullySell Lions Mints
Torrens ValleyBBQs - Fundraising
Torrens ValleyBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Torrens ValleyBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Torrens ValleySell Hot Chips
Torrens ValleyMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Torrens ValleySell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Torrens ValleyShow & Shine
Torrens ValleyMarkets
Torrens ValleyAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Torrens ValleyAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
Torrens ValleyLions Eye Health Program
Torrens ValleyAustralia Day Events
Torrens ValleyAnzac Day Breakfast
Torrens ValleyAssist with Food Pantry
Torrens ValleyLocal School Awards
Tumby Bay & DistrictsSell Donuts
Tumby Bay & DistrictsRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
Tumby Bay & DistrictsMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Tumby Bay & DistrictsDrug Education
Tumby Bay & DistrictsSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Tumby Bay & DistrictsSell Lions Mints
Tumby Bay & DistrictsSkin Cancer Screening Project
Tumby Bay & DistrictsEnvironment - Planting Trees
Tumby Bay & DistrictsFeed the Homeless
Tumby Bay & DistrictsRaffles
Tumby Bay & DistrictsAuction (Fundraising)
Tumby Bay & DistrictsHelp town organisations with labour
Tumby Bay & DistrictsMaintenance - Lions Park
Tumby Bay & DistrictsLocal hospital donations (with other organisations)
Tumby Bay & DistrictsMaintain Local Cemetery
Two WellsNursery - growing plants for council
Two WellsLocal Park - shades & benches
Two WellsRecycling - Batteries
WallarooSell Hot Chips
WallarooSell Donuts
WallarooRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
WallarooMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
WallarooSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
WallarooSkin Cancer Screening Project
WallarooLions Eye Health Program
WallarooHistorical mural at old railway station platform
WallarooChristmas - Sell bows to main street traders
WallarooSell bingo tickets
WallarooFirst response venue emergency bedding for 100
West BeachBBQs - Fundraising
West BeachBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
West BeachBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
West BeachRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
West BeachRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
West BeachMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
West BeachSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
West BeachSell Lions Mints
West BeachEnvironment - Planting Trees
West BeachMaintenance - Local Playground
West BeachWetlands
West BeachSkin Cancer Screening Project
West BeachAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
West BeachAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
West BeachLions Eye Health Program
West Lakes SeatonBBQs - Fundraising
West Lakes SeatonBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
West Lakes SeatonRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
West Lakes SeatonRecycling - Collecting Stamps (New or Used)
West Lakes SeatonDrug Education
West Lakes SeatonYouth Exchange Program
West Lakes SeatonAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
West Lakes SeatonAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
West Lakes SeatonLions Eye Health Program
West Lakes SeatonSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
West Lakes SeatonOutdoor Furniture & BBQ for Communal Gardens
West Lakes SeatonColoured Fun Run for School Kids (donation)
WhyallaBBQs - Fundraising
WhyallaSell Hot Chips
WhyallaSell Donuts
WhyallaRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
WhyallaSell Lions Mints
WhyallaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
WhyallaLions Youth of the Year Program
WhyallaFood Caravan (Fundraising)
WhyallaChristmas Pageant
WhyallaChristmas Carols (Fundraising)
WhyallaAustralian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation
WhyallaSell Medical Books (Fundraising)
WhyallaClean Up Australia Events
WhyallaEnvironment - Planting Trees
Whyalla Mount LauraBBQs - Fundraising
Whyalla Mount LauraBBQs - Catering (Invoice)
Whyalla Mount LauraBBQs - Support Charities & Organisations
Whyalla Mount LauraSell Hot Chips
Whyalla Mount LauraSell Donuts
Whyalla Mount LauraMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
Whyalla Mount LauraSkin Cancer Screening Project
Whyalla Mount LauraAustralian Lions Hearing Dogs
Whyalla Mount LauraLions Eye Health Program
Whyalla Mount LauraSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
Whyalla Mount LauraSell Lions Mints
Whyalla Mount LauraDeliver Phone Books
Whyalla Mount LauraChristmas Carols (Fundraising)
Whyalla Mount LauraDutch Shed at local show
Whyalla Mount LauraSupport Ronald MacDonald House
Whyalla Mount LauraSupport Royal Flying Doctor Services
WudinnaSell Donuts
WudinnaRecycling - Spectacles (Lions Recycle for Sight)
WudinnaMonetary Donations to Charities & Organisations
WudinnaSell Lions Cakes & Puddings
WudinnaSell Lions Mints
WudinnaSkin Cancer Screening Project
WudinnaAnnual Auction / Car Boot Sale
WudinnaReplace smoke detector batteries for residents
City of AdelaideYouth - Cubs Club Program
Golden GroveYouth - Cubs Club Program
Golden GroveSell Donuts
City of AdelaideHear Me Roar! Project
Golden GroveDisaster Support - Catering

Featured Club Initiatives

lions diversity statement

Diversity Statement

Salisbury Lions Club

We, the members of the Lions Club of Salisbury respect and acknowledge the diverse community we serve including the traditional owners, the Kaurna people, Salisbury residents from across the world and those born in this country.

We also respect and acknowledge community members with other differences including but not limited to differences of ability, belief, gender identity, outlook and sexuality. We agree to treat everyone equally with kindness and through our service improve our community.

*We encourage all Clubs to adopt a similar statement

Lion Chris Russack of Angaston & District Club, is seen here presenting his newly released poetry book ‘The Angastonic’ to Hearing Dogs CEO David Horne. The books are on sale for $10 each, with the self-proclaimed ‘Barossa bard’ donating all profits from sales of his latest collection of original, humorous verse to Lions Hearing Dogs. Lion Chris hopes all Clubs support this fund-raising project and suggests that these unique books will make ideal raffle prizes, presentations to guest speakers or gifts to fellow Lions around the world.

To purchase, please email Lion Hearing Dogs direct or Lion Chris via

The Angastonic Book

The Angastonic Book

Angaston & District Lions Club

Featured Club Projects

Club projects - Hear Me Roar Project cushions

Hear Me Roar! Project

City of Adelaide Lions Club

Handmade cushions, port pillows, care packs, book bags & more. Supporting patients in South Australian hospitals, and promoting literacy among SA’s disadvantaged & vulnerable children.
Glendi Festival Performance

Glendi Festival

Adelaide Hellenic Lions Club

Glendi is an annual weekend long festival that celebrates Greek culture in Australia. It is the largest ethnic festival in South Australia.
Glenside books

Glenside Bookmart

Glenside Lions Club

Through the support of the community, the Bookmart is able to offer a vast and ever changing selection. It is the biggest secondhand book shop in Adelaide.
Gleeson Wetlands

Gleeson Wetlands

Clare & District Lions Club

The wetlands is becoming one of the more important attractions of the Clare Valley. It is popular among walkers, cyclists, bird watchers and those interested in Australian native plants. Dogs are welcome under control.
Richmond Op Shop

Op Shop

Richmond Lions Club

This op shop sells a wide range of furniture, homewares, books, clothing, crockery, electrical, tools and more.
uni student books

Book Scholarship

Elizabeth Playford Lions Club

The Joan Ceely Memorial Book Scholarship is awarded to a student from Fremont-Elizabeth City High School who excelled in year 12 to assist them with the cost of books associated with commencing University.
Kadina, Copper Coast

Road Watch

Kadina Lions Club

This ongoing projects aims to keep the roadside to the east of Kadina, on the Copper Coast, clear of rubbish through road watch.
Gawler Sunday Markets

Gawler Lions Station Market

Gawler Lions Club

The Gawler Lions Station Market caters for a wide range of visitors, offering: fresh fruit & vegetables, farmhouse bakery products, bric-a-brac, toys, flowers and more, on Sundays.
tinkers shed

Tinkers Shed

Barossa Valley Lions Club

The prime purpose of the Tinker shed is to provide a venue where interested people can spend time doing projects that they regard as a hobby or pastime.
digital images for the aged

Digital Images for the Aged

Burnside Lions Club

This project aims to enrich the quality of life of residents living in aged care facilities by providing digital resources. Sets of digital images are produced covering a range of topics.

ring a ding ding project

Ring A Ding Ding Project

Onkaparinga Lions Club

The Lions Club of Onkaparinga have come up with a novel idea to make Walking a safe and pleasant experience when sharing paths with Cyclists.
Tea Tree Gully Art Show

Gully Art Show

Tea Tree Gully Lions Club

The Gully Art Show is an annual event showcasing amazing paintings, ceramic and porcelain artwork.