C1 Making Strides

Ready ... Set ... Get Active!

Walk, run, bike, roller skate, row or swim … C1 lion members are encouraged to record their steps/kms to go towards their club’s tally (and district total) as we virtually travel around Australia, and the world, each year. In 2023, our Lions visited hundreds of Lions Clubs around Australia, on the way to the 2024 Lions International Convention in Melbourne.

Get ready to keep track of your progress in 2024 and send through to c1makingstrides@gmail.com regularly, when we launch the project again in July. 

No formal events need to be organised (unless your club chooses to). Just keep track of your own progress and email us your records to support your club. We encourage as many members to get involved as possible, but if your club only has one or two members interested, that’s not a problem, every step and every km counts.

So lets get active, adopt a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness for diabetes while we virtually travel around Australia this year.

View Project Information here (2023) – 2024 update coming soon.

C1 Making Strides

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