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ALDAF – Lions Quest Program

So, what is the Quest Program? It is a program supported by ALDAF covering so much more than education in drugs and alcohol. It is an internationally accredited Social and Emotional Learning Program which has a strong evidence base. This means that evaluations in terms of outcomes have been reliably and quantifiably measured.

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DG Tony Pederick OAM

Tony’s Tattler (January 2021)

Lions, Happy New Year to each of you and your families. May the beginning of 2021 herald the start of a new decade which is exciting and safe for each of us, thus leaving behind, in particular, the problems and disasters which were bestowed upon us in 2020 from bushfires, floods and the pandemic.

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Don Pritchard

The Day I Became a Lion

Past International President Barry Palmer often talks about the day he joined Lions. No, it wasn’t the day he was inducted, but the day he first became aware of what our Organisation does and why we are here to serve.

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peace poster district final

District Peace Poster Final 2020

The Peace Poster District Final was conducted in a different format this year. Usually, the posters are displayed at the District Convention with Lions casting their votes. This year, the district final was an event in its own right which proved to be a big success.

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jar of coins

ALCCRF Longest Coin Line

The COVID-19 virus has had a major impact on communities worldwide. Australia is no exception, and like most service clubs/charities fund raising has been hit significantly. Remember all funds raised by the ALCCRF go to funding Childhood Cancer research projects in Australia.

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Lap The Map 2020

Lions Lap the Map Diabetes Awareness Project is being promoted as a high priority to clubs over the coming months and a way that club members can serve. Either in small groups or individually during the current lockdowns and restrictions.

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