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Lions District 201C1 Convention Passes Motion to Amplify Support for Lions Foodbank Project

In a remarkable display of solidarity and commitment to community service, the Lions District 201C1 Convention, held in Peterborough, overwhelmingly passed a motion to bolster the Foodbank Project spearheaded by the Kimba Lions Club. This philanthropic initiative focuses on supplying mincemeat to Foodbank SA, utilising sheep generously donated by farmers. The convention’s resounding approval underscores the Lions’ dedication to addressing food insecurity and making a tangible impact in the lives of those in need.

The Foodbank Project is focused on processing sheep to provide a valuable source of mincemeat, a versatile and nutritious ingredient for meal preparation. Each sheep processed, yields approximately 20 kilograms of mincemeat, with every kilogram capable of producing three meals. This innovative approach not only aids in combating hunger but also supports local farmers by utilising their donations to benefit the community.

The cost of processing each sheep is estimated at $100, a nominal fee considering the substantial impact on alleviating food insecurity.

Lions District 201C1 has successfully secured financial support from various Lions Clubs from across the district, demonstrating the collective strength of the organisation in rallying behind impactful projects. Donations received include a generous contribution of $4,000 from the Kimba Lions Club, $5,000 from the Glenside Lions Club, $15,000 from the Richmond Lions Club, and an additional $10,050 from various other Lions Clubs within the district.

The financial support garnered from Lions Clubs has translated into tangible results. To date, the Lions District 201C1 has donated a commendable 27,000 meals to those in need, showcasing the immediate and positive impact of the Lions Foodbank Project. This initiative exemplifies the Lions’ ability to mobilise resources and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity.

With the initial success of the Lions Foodbank Project, Lions District 201C1 has set an ambitious initial target of $100,000 [approx. 80,000 meals]. This financial goal will enable the project to expand its reach, process more sheep, and ultimately contribute to a larger number of meals for the community. Lions remains steadfast in its commitment to achieving this target and further solidifying its role as a force for positive change.

The motion passed at the Lions District 201C1 Convention reflects the organisation’s unwavering commitment to community service and addressing pressing issues such as food insecurity. The Lions Foodbank Project, with its innovative approach and tangible impact, exemplifies the Lions’ dedication to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. As the project continues to gain momentum, Lions looks forward to achieving its $100,000 target and leaving an enduring legacy of compassion and community support.

For any further information please contact Peter Korndorfer, District Governor, Lions District 201C1 on 0402 483 059

Donations eagerly sought for this Project Contact Lions District 201C1 Treasurer, Tony Pederick OAM – 0410 625 007.

Donate to: Lions District 201C1 BSB 105 057/Account 029 003 340