Skin Cancer Screening

Joint C1 & C2 District Project

Mobile Unit Launch

The Lions Skin Cancer Screening Committee has been running a very effective screening campaign for several years providing a much needed and crucial service to members of the regional and rural community of South Australia and the Northern Territory in detecting and referring at risk skin cancer patients to their GP’s for further investigation.

Many lives have I’m sure been saved due to the early detection provided by The Lions Skin Cancer Screening Program, and all Lions should be rightly proud of the legacy that we leave for future generations.

The committee has worked tirelessly to build up the capacity and credibility of the program since its inception in South Australia in 2011. The results have been both astounding and alarming with an average referral rate of 25% to GP’s and Specialists. This is a National Epidemic and cannot go unchallenged.

The Mobile Cancer Screening Unit

With the screening program now well established in both C1 and C2 the planning committee turned its attention to the option of commissioning and building a Mobile Screening Unit to better serve the needs of our rural and outback communities. The committee has worked hard to establish the necessary financial capacity to undertake such a project and that dream has now become a reality with the unit currently under construction in Western Australia and a planned operational launch date of February 2017.

This is one of the largest infrastructure projects taken on by C Districts in 20 years, benefits to the regional and remote communities will be enormous saving many lives and stamping the Hallmark of Lions International on another great community health initiative.

Public Awareness will be a key driver to the future success of this program.

skin cancer screening unit
skin cancer unit