Final DG Report for 2022-23

Zone Chair Awards

Every Year, at the end of their tenure as District Governor, a report is delivered on the past year.

At the start of my year as District Governor, I had a lot of ideas and plans for what I would like to achieve in my year.  Now at the close of my year is a time to reflect on those original plans, Increased membership, awareness of the marine environment, more openness in communication, provision of a welcoming message to new members, and updating some of the C1 District systems, procedures and equipment to allow better engagement across the members.

All of these items hinged on having and projecting a positive attitude in my dealings with members across the clubs.  I do acknowledge that whilst I have tried to work in harmony with members, some may not have liked my methods, whilst others see the positive benefits of these changes.

We began the year with 1098 members and whilst there had a been a downward trend in membership for a number of years, Lions recognised the need for a change and hence the Global Membership Approach (GMA) was rolled out looking at ways to make our organisation more attractive to the public and potential members.  We closed the year with 1082 members.  The evolvement of the GMA will continue in the coming years and has shown that there is indeed an interest in growing Lions so that Lions can remain relevant in the community beyond our time of life.

Awareness of the environment was encouraged with my monthly bulletins showing a variety of marine life that many would never experience, plus the many quirky Z words that are not commonly used in our language.  I also supported Pat Williams efforts to expand members knowledge about different aspects of the environment, a Global cause recognised by Lions and one that is becoming more important to the younger generation.  Whilst Pat’s messages did not necessarily resonate with all, his messages are all relevant for our future and the future of the world as the environmental changes throw up challenges on a daily basis from floods to bushfires and all combinations between.

Bringing changes to our Policy Minutes to reflect current practices was necessary as was the upgrade to our technology and equipment to utilise more modern systems and programs, whilst making sure that the members embrace the changing way Lions needs to operate for the next generation.  Traditions are often great to retain however the younger generation, much like we did in our younger days, want changes to meet how they see the world.  In the past 30 years we have gone from purely paper based to a hybrid of electronic and paper systems, some good but I believe most for the better with the electronic formats, especially typing documents and spell check, and the ability to edit without the need to start from scratch or use white out.

My year as District Governor closes with a reflection on the many issues I and the team have dealt with, the new experiences I have enjoyed, and not enjoyed, the new friendship established and a better understanding of how all Lions contribute to the betterment of our communities on almost a daily basis, mostly trying to have FUN whilst serving.

In closing, I would like to personally thank the members of my club, West Beach, the District clubs and members, and most sincerely and especially Jennifer for giving me the opportunity, and support to take on the role of District Governor for 2022/23.  I believe that I have left the District in a better position to go forward with a positive attitude.

Thank you to all and especially to Jennifer for her patience and support through this past three years in my journey to be a District Governor.

District Governor Awards 2022/23

The success of a year as District Governor relies heavily on not just the District Governor but the team of members behind the District Governor who makes it all work in unison.

Whilst there was a whole team effort, I acknowledge some of these people to say thanks with specific recognitions.

  • Helen Keller Award – John Dunn (Burnside Lions Club)
  • Melvin Jones Fellowship – Tony Barns (Wudinna Lions Club)
  • Ian Stockdale Humanitarian Award – Annette Slater (Golden Grove Lions Club)
  • International Leadership Award – Annette Slater (Golden Grove Lions Club)
  • District Governor Appreciation Medal
    • Zone 1 Chair, Trevor Symonds (Athelstone Rostrevor Lions Club)
    • Zone 2 Chair, Andrew Stacey (City of Adelaide Lions Club)
    • Zone 3 Chair, Karen Hutchison (West Lakes-Seaton Lions Club)
    • George Hutchison (West Lakes-Seaton Lions Club)
    • Zone 6 Chair, Patrick Williams (Gilbert Valley Lions Club)
    • Zone 10 Chair, Alan Zerna (Cowell Lions Club)
  • PDG Lyn Shoemark Footprints Award – Erin Williams (Salisbury Lions Club)
  • Melvin Jones Fellowship – Sandy Royal (Clare & District Lions Club)
  • Multiple District Global Action Team Awards
    • GMA – PDG Rob Royal (Clare & District Lions Club)
    • GLT – PDG Megan Butler (Elizabeth Playford Lions Club)
    • GMT – Alex Coates (Salisbury Lions Club)
    • GST – VDG Steve Fawcett (Port Augusta Lions Club)
  • International President’s Certificate of Appreciation
    • PDG Rob Royal (Clare & District Lions Club)
    • PDG Tony Pederick OAM (City of Adelaide Lions Club)
  • International President’s Award
    • Evelyn Chefalachis (Adelaide Hellenic Lions Club)
    • John Chefalachis (Adelaide Hellenic Lions Club)