New Boy on the Block

Phil Bowman and his bannerette

Wow, time is moving so fast and I can’t believe in just a couple of days Jeanette and I will be on our way to Las Vegas for the last of my DG Training.

I will then be inducted as C1 District Governor on 3rd of July, the day that also sees the Induction of the first female International President of Lions International.

I will be District Governor, a step I have been working towards for the past 3 years since I was asked back in February 2015 by PDG Rob Royal.

It’s a step, not unlike the step up to be President of your own club, that you or anyone can take as a member of Lions International. Some clubs in our District are finding it difficult to encourage new Presidents, so we find ourselves with Lions who have been Presidents or Secretary’s or Treasurers for 8,9,10 or 20 years.

I would like you to think about that next move in Lions to take on a Club Board position, because if you don’t, then we end up where we find ourselves today, with the real possibility of closing 2 clubs. Not only can they not find a new President but cannot find new members which is a sign of the times in not only Lions Clubs but all Service Clubs World Wide.

Being President is not a difficult job, as I keep saying it’s probably one of the easiest jobs in a club because you have a great team working with you and with delegation, you hopefully find the club runs well.

Why not reconsider, because LIONS IS IN YOUR HANDS, and if you don’t do something, it won’t get done and clubs will stay as they are.

Why not invite new members of the community to a FREE breakfast or brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning and provide information on Lions, show Video’s have Q&A.

We have a great GMT team wanting to help you plan to increase your membership numbers; plan to make changes to the way you run your club to improve fellowship and increase retention. Remember “Your Club Your Way”.

Finally, don’t forget about the projects that you can do in your own communities to increase your administration account and thereby lower your membership fees to your members. There are many different ideas around the District, where clubs work at times to increase their administration funds.

One very last thing is ENJOY what you are doing as you work for your communities, but above all at the end of the day ENJOY the FELLOWSHIP when working on your community projects.

By DGE Phil Bowman from Torrens Valley Lions Club