The Phil Report (March 2019)

Phil Bowman and his bannerette


Been a busy month.

Unbelievable only another 4 months and then it’s over to DG Kevin. and isn’t this year going so fast.

ZOOM meeting is a great asset if you only talk for 45 minutes then it’s a Freebee.

VDG Tony and I ventured in to the world of Service Clubs Association of South Australia Inc. on Thursday the 21st to see how we can work together to promote the work that Service Clubs do in SA.

Great news from Lions Club of Port Augusta who was awarded Event of the Year by the Pt Augusta Council for the District Convention. Congratulations Steve Dean and the team. (Photos are on page 9)

The C1&C2 Drought Relief Committee and also our C1 DG Team together with the C1 Executive continue to meet via Zoom to discuss issues

Our Disaster Relief Team has again been hard at work distributing IGA Vouchers to C1 and C2 affected farm-ers and their families including 100 in Broken Hill and 88 in the Cowell areas. At the same time, thanks to ALF, we are offering Lions Christmas Cakes to those affected.

Been a great weekend at the Regional Lions Leadership Institute held here in Adelaide on the weekend of 21st Feb. conducted by PDG Tim Irvine. Great to see so many Lions from across the District and Australia who attended. IPDG Megan Butler and PDG Dave Thomas from C2 assisted PDG Tim as presenters at the workshop.

Enjoyed the Opening of Tea Tree Gully Lions Art Exhibi-tion on Friday evening 22nd of Feb with Mayor Kevin. (Photos on Page 3)

The weekend of the 16th at Clare we enjoyed the Certi-fied Guiding Lion Workshop which gave us recertified and certified Guiding lions.

On the Sunday was our Cabinet Meeting with some interested new players in the new cabinet enjoying the proceedings. Thanks so much to Yvonne Bradford and her team at Clare Lions for providing Lunch and social event.

I guess the highlight of the month would have to be the charter of the Little Roarers Cubs Club at Annersley Junior School. The brainchild of Lions Andrew and Petrea Stacey of the City of Adelaide Club. A great initiative and fully supported by the school principal.

Again we need to reflect on our membership numbers. We have added 81 since the start of the year but we have also lost 91. Our GMT team is constantly looking at ways to increase our membership numbers because as above we do increase but we also lose a few at the same time.

Trust you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having.

Written by DG Phil Bowman