On The Line with Kevin (May 2020)

DG Kevin Masters with his bannerette

Dear Lions of 201C1,

Well, another month has almost passed in isolation. Many Clubs might be finding it a bit of a challenge to have to change the way we are operating. Interaction with your local community is currently very limited and this must seem strange to many. Hopefully by now, you will have set up ways to stay in touch with other members within your Club, so that you can check on each other, stay in touch with your fellow members and look after one another.

DGE Tony Pederick held his Shadow Cabinet Meeting on the 19th April, on Zoom. This was a first for our District, the first time it was done with such a large number of people, and the first time for a lot of cabinet members to work online. The meeting was very successful, with most attendees managing this new form of communication. For the time being this will be our “normal” way of operating.

It is also great to see that many Clubs are also embracing the Zoom/online meeting to stay in touch and to help to continue to keep their Clubs running.

If your Club would like to hold an online meeting but feel that you may not have the technical knowledge needed, there are many Cabinet members who are happy and willing to help and advise you on how to go about it.

I must thank the clubs that send me their newsletters either by post or electronically, it’s good to see that many Clubs are still able to interact in some small ways.

If you have anything interesting happening in your area, make sure you pass it on to Ted Osborn (tednelse@bigpond.com) so he can put it in the Bulletin to be shared to everyone in the District.

DG Kevin Masters