On The Line with Kevin (June 2020)

DG Kevin Masters with his bannerette

Dear Lions, 

Well it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel, it has been a trying time for clubs to operate, no meetings, can’t do projects.

I hope Club President’s have been keeping in touch with your members and making sure they are OK. Well things are starting to get back to normal, although things have been done differently, we have been doing a lot of things online holding meeting via Zoom which is good saves a lot of travelling and we can get things done, but its not the same as face to face, plus I have to make my own cup of tea. We made history and held the first Council Meeting on Zoom 19 DG’s from around the country plus Council Chair and others made it up about 25 people, voting was also held online.

This Council Meeting was to be held in Adelaide during the 20/20 Convention which unfortunately was cancelled as was the International to be held in Singapore. In fact our Cabinet Meeting will held on Zoom on Sunday the 31st also the first time its been done.

There is really not much to report as not much being done at a club level at this stage. This is a hard beginning for the incoming DG Tony Pederick and 1st VDG John Barnes 2nd VDG Zig Osis, and we are not sure if Handover Dinner will be held at Wallaroo I think we will decide at the Cabinet meeting, also the Convention in Peterborough is still in the air, hopefully with the way the restrictions are going it still might happen.

I hope you support the new team, and keep the District going strong, I know Tony has got some plans he wants to implement.

As for my team I thank you for the support and work done during my year I had hoped to do some more club visits and meet more members but was not to be.

Thank you all Lions Members of District 201C1 for all of the work you have done and the support during the year.

Kevin Masters
DG 201C1
Wallaroo Lions Club