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  • Bunnings donates $50,000 to support Lions Australia’s vital work in the community
  • Donation from Bunnings will help fund major Lions Australia programs and enable Lions Clubs across Australia to focus on local projects and initiatives
  • Lions volunteers never stop – they were amongst the first to offer relief to those impacted by the bushfires and even today as COVID-19 escalates, the organisation continues to support communities across Australia


15 June 2020: Social distancing restrictions have meant Australians have gone without many of our favourite things recently including the much-loved weekend sausage sizzle at Bunnings.

Australia’s largest service organisation, Lions Australia also has a longstanding reputation for hosting some of the country’s best sausage sizzles including at Bunnings stores around the nation. Whilst these fundraisers are unable to happen at present, Bunnings has taken the opportunity to acknowledge that whilst Lions cook great BBQ’s, they serve much more than just sausages.

Bunnings has announced it will be providing $50,000 to Lions Australia and NZ$20,000 to Lions Clubs in New Zealand. “Bunnings is very pleased to donate $50,000 to Lions Australia to support its vital work in the community. We recognise the challenges facing charities like Lions at this time and look forward to resuming our traditional support for Lions fundraising, ” says Debbie Poole, Chief Operations Officer, Bunnings.

Lions Australia CEO says the donation will help support some of the organisation’s major programs which will help Lions Clubs and volunteers focus on supporting their local communities.

“Like many other organisations, Lions Australia has been significantly impacted by the health pandemic. From raffles, sausage sizzles and trivia nights, to environmental work and supporting the deaf, blind and vulnerable, our volunteers are very hands on and involved in their communities. Strict social distancing restrictions has meant fundraising and community service activities have had to be cancelled,” says Rob Oerlemans.

“It’s been wonderful to see how determined and resilient our volunteers are. We have seen many of our Lions Clubs stay connected and keep in contact to support each other as well as the community.”

From adopting local medical centres and sewing scrubs for healthcare workers, to cooking and delivering meals and care packs to essential workers and people in need, Lions volunteers continue to provide vital support to their communities throughout COVID-19.

“We are so grateful for the $50,000 donation from Bunnings. This donation will help fund some of our major programs, enabling our Clubs to focus on supporting their local projects and initiatives,” says Rob Oerlemans.

The health crisis currently sweeping the globe comes as many Australian communities attempt to get back on their feet after the recent and tragic bushfire crisis. Lions were amongst the first to offer relief to those impacted by the bushfires and even during COVID-19, the organisation has continued to support communities in their recovery.

Over $2.5 million was raised in the Australian Lions Foundation National Appeal and over $1.5m has already been distributed to affected communities.

Since the first Lions club was formed in Australia 70 years ago Lions has grown dramatically in size and impact with over 1300 Lions Clubs now in Australia. Some Lions are on a mission to cure childhood cancer and diabetes, others are committed to assisting those impacted by drought and floods and many are simply working together to help people in need in their local community. One thing all Lions have in common is together they are making an incredible difference.

Lions volunteers pay membership fees to cover admin costs which means 100% of funds donated to your local Lions Club goes directly towards the cause.

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