On The Line with Kevin (July 2020)

DG Kevin Masters with his bannerette

This will be my last report as DG, unfortunately not a lot has happened since the last one, as COVID basically shut us down, no meetings, no working on projects this happened all the way to MD and even LCI in the US.

But things are starting to open, my club (Wallaroo) recently had a works meeting, social distancing of course. Most meetings were held online DG’s Council Meeting, starting at 10am finishing at 4pm made it a long day in front of the screen, the worst part I had to make my own tea and lunch breaks, but at least we got the business done including the voting on items and issues. This was a cost saving for MD no accommodation or airfares, but you can’t beat face to
face, and the social side.

We then had a Cabinet meeting on Zoom thankfully not as long but we got things done, DGE Tony had his Shadow Cabinet on Zoom as well. Unfortunately, Tony missed out on his induction as DG, which was to be held in Singapore and had to do it on Zoom not quite the same as meeting DG’s from all over the world.

Also, as a District combined with C2 we had to cancel our MD Convention in Adelaide which was so close to happening. PDG Meg Butler has done all her club officer training online as well, and I believe got a very good attendance. I missed out on doing club visits and meetings for the last 4 months, one minute a full diary then nothing.

At this stage we are going to have our Handover Dinner at Wallaroo the guest limit has been increased to 150 people, Cab Sec Yvonne has sent out invites now we hope to see you there!

DG Tony will be holding his first Cabinet Meeting in the Wallaroo Lions Club Rooms the next day, this of course depends on the COVID lockdown rules going to plan.

Unfortunately, we have lost 3 Lions Clubs – East Torrens, LeFevre, and Kapunda I have informed LCI, some members transferred but a lot did not so our numbers are down, I might add this is just not us other districts world-wide are having the same problem.

We have requested to LCI that the clubs be put in Status quo which means we have 12 months to reinstate these clubs using the same charter all we need is 10 new members per club to get them up and running again.

I wish to thank my Cabinet for all their support and work we have done in this difficult year I know some of you will be continuing in Tony’s Cabinet, a special thanks to my Cab Sec Yvonne who held everything together and worked in difficult times.

I know Tony has some plans to help the District.

I wish DG Tony and his team the best of luck and have a good and normal year.

Regards Kevin Masters
Soon to be IPDG