The Phil Report (July 2019)

Phil Bowman and his bannerette

Ok, so its almost over and Kevin takes over.

I was told it would go so very fast and they weren’t wrong.

I had hoped that we could have achieved more particularly with membership although when you look at the numbers we have gained so far this year 157 but the killer is that we lost 155.

That is the issue RETENTION. We have to look after our members that we have.

Including our new members we have to give them a job to do or we will lose them as well just as quick as a flash GONE.

Some great numbers attended our training sessions this year including Zone Chairman, Incoming Officers in Elizabeth, Port Pirie and Port Lincoln.

Our Drought Relief program at Christmas with C2 was a success in helping those in need at Christmas time.

I thank you all for your support of the Convention in Port Augusta that concluded with a trip on the Pichi Richi Train to Woolshed Flats, a great mornings fellowship.

Thanks so much to the Port Augusta team for all their hard work.

Been a busy period conducting and attending Club Handovers, a lot of fun and fellowship.

Well this is it thanks so much to everyone who helped me this year particularly VDG Kevin, VDG Tony, IPDG Meg and Cab Secretary Don.

Thanks again, DG Phil