75 Year Anniversary – Planting Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

The first Australian Lions Club was formed in the northern NSW town of Lismore on July 1st, 1947.

For 75 years, we’ve served with kindness, putting the needs of our neighbours, our communities and our world first.

Looking back at some key moments:

In 1962 the first Lions Clubs formed in South Australia

In 1970 the Lions in Western Australia found the Lions Save Sight Foundation (WA) Inc. leading to the establishment of the renowned Lions Eye Institute in 1983

In 1975 Lions mobilised to provide direct support to the emergency relief and recovery following Cyclone Tracey including over $500,000 in funds

In 1986 the Lions Medical Research Foundation supported Professor Ian Frazer in his work to develop the Cervical Cancer vaccine

In 1991 the first Lions International Convention in the Southern Hemisphere – Brisbane, Australia attended by over 30,000 Lions

In 2016, Lions partner with the Garvan Institute, contributing over $4m towards the ‘Genome Power’ project to develop advanced treatments for children with high-risk and aggressive cancers

As you can see…

Always doing | Always willing | Always there

75 years of service, of passion, of action and of dedication.

75 years of rising above, resourcefulness, problem solving.

We have been asked to help celebrate the 75 years of Lions Australia by planting a commemorative garden in our communities.

We owe to the Lions who came before us to make our Lions community what it is today.

We can look to the schools we serve, work through Councils, or we can use land that we already own or are associated with to create a commemorate space to celebrate.

Let’s start planning.

The seeds of hope signify to us all, I think, that we are being called on to demonstrate our commitment, our willingness to participate in the Lions community and showcase our celebration.

If you would like garden ideas, I am willing to help out, being an avid gardener myself.

There are many “concepts” already planting their seeds of thought ie the native gardens, the community share gardens and the sensory gardens which help those who may have dementia or for children.

It’s up to you and your club.

On the PR side, we have been offered a segment on “The Adelaide Show Podcast” to share our journey of gardening tips and quips. If you and your club would like to be involved, let’s chat.

Charlie Robinson
District 201C1 PR Chair

Presentation at Salisbury Convention
October 2021