Lions District 201C1 Club Covid-19 Considerations

Face Mask

As Lions serving our community, we understand you will come into contact in the coming days/month with many people, and wish to encourage safety of your own self, above all others..

Lions Club officers should be aware by now of the need for compliance with Covid-19 rules as set by SA Health, and the need to protect members, volunteers, customers, beneficiaries and the community at large, from the risk of infection.
If you have the opportunity to implement safe distancing measures, including the use of regulated posters from SA Health, we encourage you to do so.
However if not, we would like to think that you would discuss this with your Club at your earliest convenience.
For example, Lions are currently selling Christmas Cakes and/or raffles at various venues around your area.
We would like to suggest the following guidelines:
  • Have signs up if possible, displaying Covid safe practises
  • Have sanitisers available for people to use. Wash your own hands frequently
  • If your LGA (Local Government Area), you or your Club goes into lockdown, let us know. Contact me, Charlie or Gerry, the District Disaster Recovery Officer
  • Use the District Chat group on Facebook for quick conversations and updates where possible (a) District 201C1 Lion Members Chat Group Link below
  • If you need help understanding Covid-19 compliance and you haven’t had any luck through usual channels, contact Lion Charlie, District PR
Wishing you all a safe fundraising week/month ahead.

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