Trees for life visit Burnside Lions Club

Trees For Life

Natasha Davis, Trees for Life CEO spoke to the Burnside Lions Club at their dinner meeting, explaining that, “Over nearly four decades, Trees For Life has meant so much to so many South Australians. In this time we have made a lasting impact on our landscapes by getting people involved in practical ways.”

Trees For Life was established in 1981 and remains a vibrant community organisation of 7,000 active supporters. Trees For Life delivers conservation, revegetation, community engagement and training programs and services.

Trees For Life restores and protects South Australian landscapes, raises awareness about nature and empowers people to take action.

As CEO, Natasha helps turn the environmental ‘big picture’ into action. She takes a hands-on approach to her role and is deeply committed to continuing the tradition of Trees For Life as a ‘family’: a great place to work, work with, or volunteer in.

If you would like Trees for Life presentation at your club, please contact Natasha

08 8406 0500