Tony’s Tattler (June 2021)

DG Tony and Logo

Dear Lions,

It has been an honour and privilege to be your District Governor during the current fiscal year. We started the year well behind the eight-ball because of Covid 19 since February 2020. Through hard work and perseverance by Lions throughout the year, I believe sincerely that we as an organisation have progressed well. Wherein 2019/20 we lost 80 members, this year we will have increased our number by more than 50 members, a truly remarkable turnaround by all concerned.

Last week, the Pedare Pride Cubs Club was chartered with 25 cub members through a partnership between the Lions Club of the City of Adelaide and the Lions Club of Golden Grove. It was a great event with both the Principal and Head of Junior School, together with the local member of Parliament and several Cub’s families being present. It bodes well for the future ensuring that the younger generation becomes involved in community service.

This week we will have completed 8 of 10 of the Diabetes Awareness events with Diabetes SA in regional South Australia, with the only remaining events to be held in Ceduna next week and Laura the following week, to complete this year’s program. The results have highlighted the problem of diabetes in the community. I thank all the Lions clubs of C1 who have been involved in the project, for their support and assistance to ensure the success of the program.

The C1 Making Strides Project is gathering pace and we now have 30 clubs of C1 District taking part and by this weekend would have travelled over 30,000 km, and well on the way to reaching 50,000 km by the end of June. Thank you to those clubs who are taking part in this project as we show what C1 District is capable of and having fun in doing it. It is gaining quite the following and interest around Australia.

Following my trip to Canberra, I issued a challenge to my fellow District Governors and all the clubs in their districts, to form a coin line at each of their handovers to assist the ALCCRF in reaching the target of beating the world record of 75.24 km in respect to the longest coin line, which was established approximately 10 years ago in Austria. I also note my granddaughter’s contribution to this feat by offering to have her hair cut short with a fundraising page in support of the coin line quest. This was launched on May 23 and she has already raised $500. It will be interesting to see how high this figure can go to.

I have enjoyed my visits to many clubs throughout the C1 district throughout the past year and I’d like to thank you for the warmness and hospitality shown to Marilyn and myself during these visits. We have a vibrant district and I trust it can go from strength to strength in future years.

I particularly thank the members of my cabinet who have supported me as part of my team and contributed to the efficient running of the district during my year as your District Governor. Thank you for your time and efforts, it has been greatly appreciated.

The coming years will continue to be a challenge but providing we have learnt the many lessons forced on the Lions organisation throughout the world due to Covid 19, we as an organisation will prevail and continue to service our communities.

All the very best.

Yours in Lionism
Tony Pederick OAM
District Governor
District 201 C1