Tony’s Tattler (January 2021)

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Happy New Year to each of you and your families. May the beginning of 2021 herald the start of a new decade which is exciting and safe for each of us, thus leaving behind, in particular, the problems and disasters which were bestowed upon us in 2020 from bushfires, floods and the pandemic.

Despite everything, we were able to increase our membership in our District by 31 members, many of our clubs, despite the restrictions, carried out great service work for their communities and generally, we adapted to the changing conditions and improved our operating efficiencies. Well done.

We have built a great relationship with Diabetes SA over the past six months. In the period of March to June 2021 we will be holding Diabetes Awareness Events in 10 regional locations on the York Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula and the mid North. More information on this development will be set out in detail in the February newsletter.

In the next six months we must as an organisation do more to attract members to ensure that we can continue to provide our services to our communities. We will be promoting Lions on the radio in conjunction with District C2 along with other media platforms to get our message across. This will be done primarily during Lions Awareness week in March.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions and the constant changes to what we can and can’t do, planning is difficult and advising clubs in advance of activities is near impossible, so I ask you to be tolerant when short notice is given of various events. As much notice as possible will be provided with regular updates.

I’m looking forward to continuing to meet you during my visits to your clubs, which will go on regardless, and to our district having a great six months ahead of us.

All the best.

Tony Pederick OAM
District Governor