On The Line with Kevin (October 2019)

DG Kevin Masters with his bannerette

Dear Lions,

A lot has happened since last report, attended my first Council Meeting in Sydney a lot of subjects covered and a lot voted on, but the best part catching up with all the DG’s in my group, listening to all the other District problems which are much the same as ours and how they are dealing with them.

Club visits in full swing with VDG Tony starting his visits on the York Peninsula, and VDG John out West on the Eyre Peninsula and north around Quorn and surrounding areas. Me I am doing all the Metro Club s this round plus Pt. Lincoln. How DG’s in the past survived doing all the clubs in the district in one year beats me, most of the bigger districts now follow the model of using VDG’s to do visits

The Mawson Lakes Club Branch transfer of Members to Salisbury LC is going smoothly, people think this an amalgamation of the two clubs, it is not once transfers have been completed there will be a meeting on voting in a new board and possible club name change. Also, the closing down of Mawson Lakes Branch will proceed.

I have appointed Julie Pickles and Gerry Van Niekerk as Guiding Lions to the Salisbury LC. Also, Patrick Williams to be Guiding Lion to the Club Branch Gunna Group in Clare.

In most of my visits the problem of My LION crops up a lot some clubs seem to fly through it some have nothing but problems. LCI are aware of issues and are working on it we will keep you updated, must admit I have had some problems myself

Welcome Donna Marie Curry and Dianne Krinis to the family of Lions sponsored by Peter Korndorfer and PDG Frank Gratton two new Lions of which I had the pleasure of inducting at the Elizabeth Playford LC Visit.

After a report From VDG John Barnes on his DG visits out west, It was decided that we take the PR trailer to the Wudinna Show Myself, ZC Steve Fawcett, and VDG John Barnes and Carol Barnes to help drum up some new members for club and make Lions in general known to show patrons, had talk to local Area School Head Master, who has shown some interest in some Lions projects I.e. Youth of the Year, Leo’s, and Quest.

VDG Tony is going to attend a meeting at Ardrossan, hopefully getting a branch club going.

As a combined C1&C2 project the stand at the Royal Show was a success and thanks to Graeme Botting C2 and Tony Pederick C1 and all the people that helped with the stand, now if we can convert the numbers of people interested to be members we will be well and truly out of transition. PDG Ann Eldridge GMT Coordinator also spent a day on the stand, and by all accounts was impressed, hopefully taking some idea’s back to MD.

We must have been noticed at the show because a Federal Government Dept. Have been touch with Tony. And Tony and I did a presentation in their Adelaide Office plus I was judge for their little cake competition (the apple turnover won) the Dept. was Dept. Of Home Affairs and we were in the Citizenship section with a possible arrangement regarding Ceremonies watch this space!

District Convention is getting closer, attended a meeting at Wallaroo LC clubrooms, PDG Glen Herbert is Chairman and all is well, see you there!

Sad part attended funeral of PDG John Tayler, which was held in Riverton, John was a supporter of the now closed Lions Club of York Peninsula Rail where I first met him.

Good part, Don’s back at home and hopefully for good, he starting to get back into things 20/20 convention and assistant cab sec roles.

That’s all Folks
District Governor Kevin Masters