On The Line with Kevin (February 2020)

DG Kevin Masters with his bannerette

Dear Lions,

The first report this year, hope you all had a good holiday break and ready to start the new year.

This will be a fairly short report. Bushfires have been in the headlines lately, the ones in NSW and Vic. But ones closer to home are the ones that have our focus, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island, we know that they have been contained at the moment and the Lions Clubs directly involved have been doing their bit, and unfortunately some Lions Lost their homes and belongings and I am sure the rest of the District is feeling for them.

Sandy Royal the Disaster Relief Coordinator for the District has been working very hard during the Christmas break handling and coordinating all the relief centres also working with Dave Thomas C2’s Coordinator. There is not much we can do when fires are burning as the Government controls what happens, but we will go in after and make things happen, Yvonne Bradford and ALF working closely with affected people and helping with grants, I was in Sydney for Council Meeting and Bushfires were also the main topic talked about and I can assure you Lions all over the world are helping.

Our DGE Tony and incoming Cab Sec Petrea Stacey also attended the Council Meeting for training, also Tony will be leaving for Chicago very soon to start his training for DG (hope he has a good hat as the temperature will be below Zero).

This place has become like mailing centre at the moment. Congratulations Pt. Lincoln Lions Club for being awarded the 2018-2019 Club Excellence Award will be arranging a visit to award it. Also 10 boxes of Lions Awareness Day Packs have arrived, I will be taking them to Cabinet meeting in Feb and give to Zone Chairs to distribute.

And do not forget that this year C1and C2 are holding the 2020 Multiple District Convention in Adelaide this year so we be asking clubs to help out, we will sending out info later on.

DG Kevin Masters