Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their public.

To use an analogy of talk back radio… we listen to the news and then we talk about it.

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13.1 Funding: Two Dollars ($2) per member shall be allocated from District Dues and is to be taken from the July Semi- Annual dues.

13.2 Expenditure: Access and use of public relations/marketing funds shall be reserved for public relations and marketing purchases only and not used for general administrative costs. A budget and explanatory note justifying the expense and expected benefit will be submitted to the Governor for approval of the expenditure and ratification by Cabinet.

13.3 Financial Reporting: The budget and explanatory note justifying the expense and expected benefit will be supplied to the Cabinet Treasurer for attachment to purchase orders and invoices relating to the expenditure.

District Publicity Trailer

District Publicity Trailer

District Trailer – currently stored by Kadina Lions

For any 201C1 Lion members and clubs that would like to book the district PR trailer and/or mini PR kits for an event, please contact DG John, Lion Gerry or Lion Charlie.

Testimonial matter

Testimonials are used on websites to confirm content ie about membership, about meetings or about activities completed, they can be used on social media pages or as the basis for any media releases as quotes within the text explaining what it is you are releasing information about. They are the easier form of PR for Lions Clubs and can be used across all forms of current communication channels.

7 types of testimonials

  1. Data & Statistic testimonial: Quantitative, appealing to the mind with reason eg “99% on time” or “78% who took up the service were impressed” or “we saved the lives of over 30% of people who visited our service on the weekend”
  2. Evidence testimonials: Qualitative and personal, appealing to the heart with emotion eg “Super fast delivery” or “I am so grateful for the opportunity to be screened”
  3. Influencer testimonial: When key people speak or information about your group. It may be a local MP, Councillor, local identity or someone of standing.
  4. Interview testimonial: Using the question-and-answer format on video or in print where you ask a person about their experience and capture their responses (great to use in media statements)
  5. Peer testimonial: Paints a picture for someone similar to your future customers and usually includes a portrait eg “as a xx year old person, this was an easy task”
  6. Quote testimonial: Using words directly from satisfied person eg “great experience”
  7. Social testimonial: The best! An organic testimonial, where your customer offers to share their experience with your company on social media.

Interviewing for testimonials

An easy to use testimonial template:

  • I approached [name] because …
  • I used the [service] because …
  • [name] helped me by ….
  • I found the experience ….
  • I would recommend [name] to people who need  ….
  • My thoughts for the Lions [name] group embrace their “We Serve” philosophy because…